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Slow down and enjoy your coffee

Slow down and enjoy your coffee

In our fast-paced world, we need to slow down and appreciate quality. We need to quiet our hearts and listen to those around us - soak in the words that people speak. Our days can be stuffed with so much on our to-do list, that we rush, and stop paying attention to the important things in life. I have started to learn to be more intentional about how I spend my days. It starts by reminding myself each morning to




When I move slowly, I notice the people around me.

When I move slowly, I notice how my garden is growing.

When I move slowly, I hear the birds.

When I move slowly, my children start chatting.

When I move slowly, I start to appreciate the rhythm of my movements.


At the Eastwood house, we start each day with a warm cup of coffee in a beautiful mug. We take the time to pick a mug and then as the children go off to school, we sit for a few minutes together and savour the beautiful taste of morning and togetherness.



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